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CaryTownCouncil2-allaboard.png"It is rare to have an elected official who is as knowledgeable, thoughtful, inquisitive and transparent as Ed Yerha. He has been a champion for Cary and I am eager to see him re-elected. Ed Yerha has my unqualified endorsement.”

            — Gale Adcock, NC House of Representatives member and former Cary Mayor Pro Tem

“Ed is a man of integrity and great moral character. Cary is a better place because of his leadership on the council.”

            — Don Frantz, Cary Town Council District B representative and local business owner

"I've had the pleasure of serving with Ed Yerha on Cary Town Council for five years and I'm proud of all we've accomplished in our community for our citizens.”

            — Jack Smith, Cary Town Council District C representative

“I’ve known Ed Yerha from his days as a community volunteer and chair of Cary’s Planning and Zoning Board. It has been an incredible privilege to serve with him on Town Council, where he continues to demonstrate the steady leadership that makes Cary an award-winning community.”

            — Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large representative


 “I am supporting Ed Yerha because he is responsive to our community needs, is well versed and  thoughtful in council deliberations and is a great advocate for historic preservation.”

            — Sheila H. Ogle, civic and business leader and Cary Hometown Spirit Award winner

“During his five years on the Town Council, Ed has consistently demonstrated a concern for preserving Cary’s history while thoughtfully shaping policy to deal with current and long-term changes. Ed’s ability to balance Cary’s current and future needs while maintaining continuity with Cary’s past provides the Council with a needed historical perspective.”

            — Jerod Kratzer and Anne B. Kratzer, Cary Hometown Spirit Award winner


“Ed cares deeply about the people of Cary.  Ed’s long-term support of the nonprofit Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary is a testament to his commitment to the health and safety of our community.”

            — Michael G. Curran, Founder, Triangle Aquatic Center & Chairman, Curran Family Foundation 


“Ed Yerha is a true public servant who always keeps Cary citizens at the top of the organization chart. We can trust Ed to look out for our interests, not special interests.”

            — Brent Miller, civic leader and community volunteer

“Ed is extremely passionate about preserving Cary’s history and heritage, as well as the environment of our community. He works tirelessly in his own quiet, humorous mode of educating everyone about the importance of having a ‘green’, healthy space to live, work & play; and the importance of educating everyone about the ‘early Cary way of life’ that brought us to where we are today!”

            — Kay Struffolino, civic leader, community volunteer and Cary Hometown Spirit Award winner

“Cary is entering a critical time of redevelopment as our community ages. It is important to have a leader that puts our citizens first, understands the complexities of blending environmental interests with business interests, has the experience and integrity to do the right thing at the right time, and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. Ed Yerha is such a leader and I am blessed to be serving with him on the council.”

            — Harold Weinbrecht, Mayor of Cary

“I don’t think of Ed as a politician. I see Ed as a genuine, sincere, smart, fair and hardworking person who will represent Cary with integrity.”

            — George Jordan, President, GH Jordan Dev. Co., Inc.


“When choosing a candidate to support, I look for one with honesty and integrity, who will work hard and think through every decision with care. That’s Ed Yerha. I trust him, and that’s why he has my vote.”

            — Marla Dorrel, former Cary Town Council member, community leader and namesake of Marla Dorrel Park


“Ed's awareness of community issues and commitment to improvements has always been evident in the past 20 years, being his neighbors. We would be very fortunate to have Ed Yerha continue his role on the Cary Town Council as Mayor Pro Tem.”

            — Christine & Paul Chiarolanzio, Brookstone neighbors


“I am proud to call Cary Mayor Pro Tem Ed Yerha a friend, mentor, and colleague. His big heart, sharp mind and ability to arrive at consensus to solve problems make him one of the most valuable elected officials in our county and region and I support him for another term on the Cary Council.”

            — Steve S. Rao, Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Of Morrisville


“Ed is the quintessential public servant – he gives his time and energy selflessly and is always looking to protect our community and make it the best it can be.”

            — Jennifer Robinson, Cary Town Council District A representative

“We heartily endorse Ed because he has a passion for Cary and is a very effective mayor pro tem. He has served the Town of Cary for many years and we look forward to his continued service to our community!”

            — Terry and Michelle Wells, Neighbors

"I endorse Ed Yerha because he does not make decisions quickly or lightly.  He is a fair and trustworthy man who listens to both sides of issues and who is ultimately committed to what he believes is in the best interest of the Town of Cary and its residents."
           — Glenda Toppe, Principal, Glenda S. Toppe & Associates

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